Restore premium service

Can’t restore my premium service after paying $39.99. It started last night 4/10 Tuesday.

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Welcome to the community! I suggest contacting Facer Support:
That way Facer can keep track of how many members are affected and know which settings are involved.


Many people are having problems. For this reason I don’t want to buy premium.

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…and many are not having problems.


Same problem. Never answer since october 2023. Fast support :joy:

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Mine sometimes keeps showing that I didn’t buy it…but it normalizes

I am always in this situation. I can’t download anything. I’ve lost hope

Please contact them again by submitting the appropriate form. If things work here the way they do elsewhere, support staff tracks the number of people having a problem. If it is not reported, or if only a small number report it, that means there is no hurry to fix it. Issues that many members are having a problem with move to the top of the list.

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