Resync App on LG G watch not working

I have an LG G watch that has had Facer on it for quite some time. I’m upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 once they’re back in stock but want to use Facer while I wait. I had picked a new phone up so was trying to reinstall it and it simply will not. I’ve tried multiple Google accounts, factory resetting my watch, uninstalling and reinstalling Wear OS AND the Facer App and all I get is

“Checking Facer Companion App status… Waiting for watch companion app to be activated… Make sure Facer is selected as your current watch face”.

I’ve tried reinstalling from the app, and it still does not work. Is there other ways to get this to work?

I’ve also tried following this: Setting up Facer – How can we help?

hey bro u got the solution for it…as i am facing same issue on my galaxy watch 4 classic.