Retro 90s Digital Throwback

Hi guys, my 2nd design, looking for feedback otherwise, enjoy!

An information rich, yet clean and well laid-out watch-face meant to accentuate the retro 90s neon look from brands like LA Gear and ESPRIT alongside pop-culture entertainment like Fresh Prince, Madonna and in a vein, the whole late 80s, early 90s era. //
Heart-rate monitor |
Distance | Calories |
Steps |
Weather |
Daily Lo/Hi |
Phone and Watch Battery Text+Animation
| Timezone
| 12/24hr
| Sunrise/Sunset
| Date/Day of Week
| Written Weather Forecast
| Analog Hands around the exterior circle for an added touch!
| &
| Fun little animations to help keep it cool like Vanilla Ice Baby! Enjoy, share, love, explore, adventure, live!

Check it out!

Nice! Very retro and cool!