Retrofuture 10 - WireFrame

I think I broke my brain making this one. I spent several hours trying to get the time to flow with the animation out of the frame. The Clock moves on the X and Y axis, the font size increases, and there is a brief transparency increase as the seconds cycle. I had to create a second clock to take off where the first ends in the animation since the expression runs on a seconds (#Dsm#-#Ds#) timer. It still isn’t as clean as I’d like it. Since the animation technically cycles every 2 seconds I couldn’t figure out how to start a new clock animation on every odd tick of the clock. Might be something to consider as a new feature.

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Pretty cool @eradicator09. and that font is Space Age right? I use it for the “M” in my logo.


yep, nice catch. 1001freefonts to the rescue.

I really like this, love the movement

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