Retrofuture 13 - Commute

Still working on a few more additions to the Retrofuture collection. I hope to add a couple more for a total of 15:

Pretty nice @eradicator09. Right hand drive and retro? That’s got JDM written all over it haha. Like a 1991 Nissan 13.5 Silvia drifter (the 240SX model here in the states).


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  1. Your animation looks smooth and achieves a cool effect. :+1:
  2. I especially like how all data elements are cordoned off from the animated screen space. Clean. :clap:
  3. The color palette is straight out of a video game (red, yellow, purple… very saturated and pretty intense). I bet video gamers love that!

Food for thought:
If you make a few faces with more natural/neutral color palettes, your animated designs might attract non-gamer Muggles as well. :desert_island:

I have a few ideas for some plainer animations in my toolbox. Slowly working through my backlog of ideas.

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