REVEALED! New Features for Galaxy Watch 7 (One UI 6)

REVEALED! New Features for Galaxy Watch 7 (One UI 6) Video


Excellent review. I love his honesty! I agree that the end user may not need all that data. I certainly don’t have time to bother with all that information overload. The comment about AI “hit home” with me, so to speak. I just finished writing a review on another product, and was disappointed in the addition of a new AI feature. Now the AI hype makes sense from a business standpoint. :roll_eyes:

Thank you for sharing that. :heart_eyes:


Interesting video. But don‘t forget that all people and their personal needs are different. Some want simply a nice basic watch with benefits, others an information filled central. One likes health and sport, others prefer weather informations. I agree when he says, that most people are not interested in all the small details that make the magic. They want simplified, short helpful informations. SMART-WATCH. Divide the two names and you get the sense. Smart devices of all kind should assist in our lives, make it easier, like an invisible house elf. :wink: Second one: WATCH. Simply a time measuring instrument at first, but design is a taste, a lifestyle, a message to others.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Well said my friend: just a simple watch for me, time, day, date, battery, alarm, and obviously take calls and messages.

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