Reverb Deluxe guitar micro-amp

Hi everyone,
Heres my latest watch face. Rock on, mannnnnnnnnn… :sunglasses:

Hope you like it.


I really like this one!

Thanks @hayden! and a hat tip to @eradicator09 for the animation frame logic. But man, that sure was a wholllllllllle bunch of frames for the simple 2-band equalizer LOL. :sweat_smile:

Nice. Took me a sec to figure out the equalizer/date setting. Left bar is 10s and right is 00s of the day of the month.

yup! …something different :slight_smile:

After the well deserved “wow! Cool!” comes to mind a sequence of a masterpiece:
Marty: “Why don’t you just make ten louder[…]?”
Nigel: (long pause and duh look) “These go to eleven.”

LOL @CnP_Times.

…most blokes are playing on 10 here. all the way up, all the way up… and the guitar is on 10… where can you from there? That’s right, no where.


I built a website for a classic rock band named Left Jab back in the early 2000’s. I used to be the bass player. The top website menu is the same style. On this amp the knobs actually go to eleven when you mouse over. LOL

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