Reverse Progress Problem on Wear OS

I am aware that there was a problem with Wear OS reverse Progress bars, but my android app updated yesterday and the update notes mentioned fixing this. I’m still having this problem, so I would like to understand if my expression could be improved, or if this is really a bug.

This is my Expression:


The reason for the minus is the progress is running in reverse and uncovering a background layer as the value increases.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

FYI, resolved with the help of @ThaMattie: (1-((ceil((clamp(#ZSC#,0,10000)/10000)*10)/10)/1.2))

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Nice. Everyone here is super helpful, it’s awesome!

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It really is a blessing to work with such talented and humble people :slight_smile:

I can confirm reverse progress is now working on my TicWatch Pro. Great news!

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