Review / Critique Please

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

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Very nice! I like its unique way of showing the basics, and the contrast makes it easy to read. The only thing that might be suggested by your Followers is to make the date font a bit larger.

The text being higher on the right versus the left is throwing my OCD off.

Agreed. Could put battery on top and then center “High”, “Current”, and “Low” along the bottom.

Now that you mentioned it… Yes, the text needs to be centered. I didn’t notice that the first time. I was too busy looking at the size of the font because somebody just told me mine was too small. :wink:

Thanks everybody. I’ll make those changes.

I made the updates and changed the hour and minute hands so they’re more visible. Thoughts/comments?

Only suggestion I would make would be to switch to LOW and HIGH. Western civilizations tend to read left to right and to me it just flows/reads better that way.