Revisiting weather woes - TEST

Hey support,
I’ve read alot of issues here in the forum with weather data. I have to admit I’m starting to see many of the same issues on my Huawei.

So I have #WCCI#, #WCCT#, and #WLC# just sitting on a blank white watchface. I re-sync’d my weather data from the Facer app:
Facer: (3.1.2_1523-(1523))
Phone: Motorola Droid Turbo 2
OS: Marshmallow 6.0.1
Huawei: Watch 3695 build: M9E42C
Android Wear:
Google Play Services: 10.2.98 (530-146496160)
Watch OS reporting: Android 6.0.1, last security patch update 1/1/2017

The re-sync took my phone’s updated weather data immediately but hasn’t changed since yesterday. It’s a beautiful day here today, then cloudy tonight, then we’re supposed to get rain and snow tomorrow morning, then just rain tomorrow night.

I’ll report the results over the weekend. My location services are on.


Weather does not continuously update. I can force one single point-in-time manual weather (and location) update that loads accurately - weather conditions and location.

  • In the app settings, turn off weather data, then turn it back on. Weather/location update once and remain that way.
  • Load another watchface, then return to the face that has weather details. Again, weather/location update once and remain that way.