RoboCop Arcade - Drop IT!

Sorry this is my first kind of post like this. I dont know how you guys are sharing images of your watch. Can someone please let me know the right way to do it.

Anyhow, thought of Robocop and came up with this design today. Hope you like.


When we share in this forum thread we do it the same way you did so we can see it moving and can interact with it. Sometimes we take a screen shot but that only is a still image. The way you did it is the best way! Welcome to the community and NICE face btw!

Yes, I noticed that after I posted it live. Just off the bottom right side the preview looked totally different. Couldnt figure out how to edit my post though. All is good now and will get better at this stuff as time goes by. Thanks for liking!

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Indeed, its only up from here. Cheers!

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I remember this game from when I was a kid. Awesome job!

Thanks man. Just trying to bring back memories one watch face at a time.

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