Role off the screen

How do I get something to role off the watch face when you touch it

You need to be a professional user (paid)
Then with the VAR function you can make the X or Y coordinate change once the designated area is touched

I am on the pro

How do I get the hand to tell the battery level like I have on the watch if anyone can help :confused:

You need to use a VAR toggle button, for example if you put a button to toggle VAR_1 in the center.
If you touch the center the VAR_1 will toggle between 1 and 0.
Then in the opacity label of the battery hand you put
And in the rotation label you put
And that’s all


Thank you so much orz0 :slight_smile:

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You are welcome!

Is it possible to curve your date time ect on the watch

You can do that somewhat by adjusting the spacing and angle of characters. Depending on what you are placing your text on, the font size can be adjusted as well. Just experiment until it looks right. It won’t be an exact “text on a curve” that you would get for a background using a graphics application, but you can come close with Creator.

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And how do I get the hands to glow I’ve been trying to work it out but still no luck :confused:

You’ve already used that image by posting it here. This is a family friendly site. I suggest that you do not use that for a watch face.
As far as the glowing hands, what have you tried so far? Do you mean hands that have an animated glow or just hands with a glow around them? Have you tried any of the paint applications that we’ve discussed?

Ok no problem that’s why I wanted to ask first but the words would be different I wouldn’t use swear words on a watch. And I’ve tried downloading different apps but can’t seem to for some silly reason so I’ll try on a laptop 2morrow :slight_frown:

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What were you trying to download them to before?

To design hands , faces etc I’d like to be able to design digital faces also

I must have misunderstood when you mentioned that you couldn’t download a graphics application, but would try on a laptop. An application that creates images should give you the option of drawing/painting anything you want to: hands, faces, or backgrounds.

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Ok ty I’ll grab the laptop and try it on that

Cool! There’s a bit of a learning curve in discovering all the tool locations and the terminology in most graphics apps, so take your time. Most of us here have been working with these things for years.

Yeah I know but I’m so impatient I try to get things done asap or figure it out asap I know that it’s going to try my patients big time so I’ll have to try and keep my cool and not throw this new laptop :roll_eyes::thinking::confounded:

I’ve heard that before. :wink:
Don’t “throw” your laptop! :fearful:

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Lol Ill try not to hahaha

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