Rolling numbers

Yes, it took AI and me four hours to get the seconds as I wanted them to be, Every watch face is a learning experience.


Very nicely done :+1:
(Could you enable Inspection please, so we could all take a closer look)?


I have always accused Generated stuff to lack Soul . I am wrong in this case the Bot has given you some nice code there . I know that what you have done Educating the Bot is no Mean Feat . As our Friend Gizmo has asked , Please share the Code if not the face or the name of the Bot you use . Otherwise it is a bit like Willy Wagging .
I would be very interested to see how it worked with a Flipping Numeral Display , Hours and Minutes . Flipping clocks always had a Wheel Dial for the seconds .


I can’t enable inspection, I haven’t named any of the elements - they are all IMG6757767 or “New text element” :smiley:

Ok, create two text elements, I use font size 22.

Text: ((#Ds# % 60) % 10)
x position: 116
y position: (((#DWFSS# % 6) >= 3) ? ((206 + ((#DWFSS# % 3) - 1) / 2 * 25)+14) : 206)
Opacity: 100

Text: (((#Ds# + 1) % 60) % 10)
x position: 116
y position: (((#DWFSS# % 6) >= 3)? ((181 + ((#DWFSS# % 3) - 1) / 2 * 25)-0) : 181)
Opacity: (((#DWFSS# % 6) >= 3) ?100 : 0)

I have the -0 there in case I need to offset the movement a bit.


Thank you Dear Juni00 :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nice work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well thank you @juni00 for showing us your Bot Gen Formulas . I presume there is one of those for each Image or is it for a scrolling image with all the numbers on . I will have a look on my Laptop . The Formulas look quite conventional and readable . I will say that Facer preferred the Conditional statements to begin and end with $ $ . I personally find it easier to read . Well to my way of thinking you Educated the Bot Well . Does that mean that Anyone going to that Bot will Benefit from Your Teaching or do they have to learn to Teach .

Ha Ha . I see it is text driven so I can use it for Venus Rising .

Very Nice Gift thank you .

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I guess it is for text fields, one is for the Y-movement another for the content

you would have to teach the bot to do so, and it would give you some mismatched answers meanwhile.
I dont know how it is now, but back when I tried few times, each chat it had same learning curve as if we did not talk about facer earlier or nobody else did meanwhile so I had to teach it same things every time from beginning and lost patience.

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It is better now that GTP has an iPad app. It is way faster than the browser version and even if it crashes it can recover from it - keeping the chat history.


I can not Imagine how Frustrating that Must Be . Oh Hang On . I know one thing is for sure . No BOT will be interested in producing " Peters Perfectly Descriptive Mathematics " .

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The craziest thing happened yesterday. I was designing a dial pattern based on many brands luxury watches and I asked something from GTP and he said “Yes, or you could animate the pattern, here is a formula which would make it come alive…”

I guess the longer the chat the more he adapts to you specifically and the more he knows what you expect fro m him.

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Sort of becoming an Assistant rather than a Pupil .

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Oh that’s nicely done.

I have a similar trick, this time with rolling Secs and timed rolls for Mins and Hrs - it took me about 10 months to get it “just right” (at least I think it is) with many iterations on the way.

I’ll reduce the face with the most recent iteration of this and post it here for inspection (if I can get that to work).

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Here it is. It does glitch sometimes but that seems to be a disconnect in rendering between actual time and rotational time (eg. #Ds# and #DWFSS#).

I’ll break down the Mins - so basically you have current Min with Min +1 hiding above it under a mask, and when we’re on the last second of the minute it triggers the rolling system in Y Position, so:

Min + 1
Text: (pad((#Dm#+1)%60,2))
YPos: $#Ds#>=59?(((#DWFSS#+0.01)*5)%30)+250:250$

Text: (pad(floor((#DWFMS#+0.01)/6),2))
YPos: $#Ds#>=59?(((#DWFSS#+0.01)*5)%30)+281:281$

Where 30 is the font height in pixels and 250&281 are the static positions.

I think I had to use #DWFMS#+0.01 thang to try to mitigate the sync issue.

If you inspect and hide the two Masks then run it you’ll see the mechanism more clearly.

I love the shared creativity on here, finding many different ways to solve shared issues.



That is great. :slight_smile:

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The mission I gave AI was to first define the trigger condition for the y movement and then after that the movement itself.

I figured that we should show the current seconds for half of a second and then do the movement down for both numbers. I don’t think I could have come up with rolling formula on my own. I did get the condition for the first number but for the tens of seconds I just couldn’t figure it out. Obviously it should be in 9 1/2 second intervals.I’m glad AI is good at figuring out degrees to seconds and things like that,.

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