Rotating bezel with 5min steps AND 1min steps HELP

So I have the code for a rotating bezel in 5° increments or 1 minute increments just by changing the last number from a 30 to a 6, indicating the amount of degree change in the bezel.

But what I would like to do is add the ability to fine-tune the bezel position . In one minute increments once you get it close to the minute hand.

I also already have the code for resetting it back to the 12:00 position.

So all I need really is the code to have not only a 5-minute increment but also a one minute increment to fine tune the positioning of the minute hand.

I assume that they’ll need to be a VAR_1 and VAR_2 involved but I don’t know how to write code. Or something that would include both options either in a single button or two buttons either way works for me. Realizing I cannot make a duplicate bezel because the one that’s underneath in layers won’t be seen. So it would have to work with one bezel.

I would think that the code that includes both options would be replacing the code I have now on the bezel.

And then I guess I would have to have a another element to initiate both in place of the element I have now that moves the basil 5 minutes at a time. Or possibly have two controls one for 5 minutes and one for 1 minute for the user to touch and initiate the moves. I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking and I need the code too since I’m not a mathematician or a wiz in this kind of stuff.

Any help is much appreciated.

*5min step code ((0)+#VAR_2#*30) (for 1min replace the “30” with “6”)

*And for the reset I’m just using the stock reset variable reset in Creator Pro options indicating which variable I have set for the bezel.

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I am no good at reading Instructions . If you could post the Inspectable draft here . I am sure we can help . I am having difficulty in Imagining what you want to do .

What I want to do is be able to have two options to turn the bezel around the watch to have the 12:00 position match exactly where the minute hand is without having to have one instruction for moving the basil one minute at a time. I don’t want the user of the watch face to have to tap the VAR_X spot on the watch face up to 60 times by just using 1 minute at a time. ((0)+#VAR_2#*6)

I would rather have the user rotate the bezel in 5 minute increments which I explained above and then there would be another control point to touch, where they could move the basil in one minute increments.

I want to be able to move the basil in 5 minutes increments which I can do now but then also have a way to move it in 1 minute increments to fine tune it to where the minute hand is sitting. On the clock dial

The capture below of the watch face I want to do this for you can notice that the minute hand is not exactly on the an hour marking. Right now I can get the basil to the hour markings exactly because it is coated to move every 30°. , but once I get the hour hand close by 1:00 or 2 or 3 minutes I then want to be able to find tune the basil mark to be exactly where the minute hand is. This is a capture of my watch with the Basile moved to the 9:00 position but yet I still have a few minute marks to go to match it up completely. I’m trying to have a way to move the bezel marker in one second increments after I move it by 5 minute increments.

I hope that explains a little easier.

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Yeah I get it exactly. I am not on my Laptop at the moment. I could post a Chrono face here weher i had an adjustable digital distance traveled meter. I wanted to be sble to input large numbers. I used 4 VARS. INC and DEC.
In incrementing VAR is about the only RAM we get on Facer. You might have said but I am on my mobile so I have to say you need 4 tap areas. Well may be three. You need an INCrement Button and a DECrement Button and possibly a Toggle button to swap between five and one minute increments. The other option is an INC DEC for the minutes. I can only presume you are making some kind of lap timer.

Try have a look at this Face. It is a bit complex.
I will say while you are testing it is worth putting up a couple of Resets. I presume yo know about
((#VAR_1#) %60) which will stop you var overrunning on your Face it is intresting if you put a moinitor on your test face how big a number VAR can be.

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No I’m not trying to make some kind of lap counter

Just a simple rotating bezel like in a divers watch where you were just set the basil to exactly where the minute hand is

I think what I will need to use though is a toggle between 5 minute segments and 1 minute segments

So I imagine I will need at least three tap areas one for 5 minutes segments one for one minute segments and a reset

I’m not a mathematician so I really don’t know how to use this kind of code that’s why I asked if someone would kindly provide the code I need and how to utilize it in the element.

Although as I start to utilize more of this code I am learning what they’re for and therefore I guess I am learning the mathematical side of it LOL.

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Yeah. I got you now. I had a good look and this is the only solution I can come up with. A senior Mathamatician might be able to give you a 3 button version. Here us a 4 button one. You do not need the Resets but might like to include them in your watch out if courtesy. I have not debugged this. You will note that the INC DEC buttons seem to be inverted. I could not change that because I am a little dyslexic. When it starts to work I leave it Alone.

YES… That is what need… but I can’t “examine” the code unpublished.
Can you share the code for each? of the four controls? the 5min + and - … and the 1min + and -?

Many thanks

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All you have to do is to count the two formulas together.
I thought little drawback would be the reset, but seems the touch areas for both can be stacked on same place.

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@parbib. It is simple to Examine / Inspect the Code in a Draft Face that has been Linked as Inspectable. It is Important to be on Not on the Moblile Apps and Tap on the Title of the Face in the preview posted. You will then see the little Rocket that takes you to Creator with the Inspectable Open. @petruuccios has also covered it so we have the same solution.
Not tger is no voce associared with The VAR INC DEC. The buttons jus pass the tap count to the code Peter has posted. Which of course you know is for Rotation of the Bezel.

Works Great! Put this in Rotation field of the Bezel
Added the +/- taps,
And added two resets stacked for VAR_1 and VAR_2


Well done . Good days Learning .

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Thanks for the help, it worked after some tinkering. I can’t seem to figure it out on Apple though, I don’t know how they even have the GMT bezel on some, or this design in the middle, it won’t let me go outside of the little circles or take up the whole face. Michael O'Day ™ - MOD-693 World Time - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

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Here is my steps to do this…
Thanks all for the help…!!

Rotating bezel +/- 5min steps, and +/-1min.
30 = 30degree steps or 5min.
6 = 6degree step for 1min.

  1. Place in ROTATION field in bezel image field for +1, +5, -1, -5 tap areas

  2. Add a VAR_2 “+” Implement button to the face.

  3. Add a VAR_1 “+” Implement button to the face.

  4. Label the on-face tap areas with a +1 or +5

  5. Add a VAR_2 “-“ Decrement Button to the face

  6. Add a VAR_1 “-“ Decrement Button to the face

  7. Label the on-face tap areas with a -1 or -5

  8. Place 2 VAR_Resets in a same area and STACK them over the tap area on the face area you want to use to reset.

See my Screen Capture above for my placement of the various tap locations.

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Why l are you rotating invisible Elements? VAR collect taps in the variable. Dose nothing else. It can be made zero Diameter to stop it collecting Taps but nothing else.
But a nice Little Tutorial. I would outline the setup of the Vars and Reset and end with the Code that does the job. But hey. It is a lot better than plonking a Test in the Topic expecting people to get what the want out of it.

The Bezel is THE ELEMENT that is rotated as per the #1 above… the other VAR’s are for the TAP area on the face that gives the instructions on rotating the bezel +/- 1 or +/-5 minutes at a time.

It could be coded differently, I’m sure. But I have to rely on codes from others until start to understand the symbols better and the math part. This does work as expected.

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@parbib. You will see from the Working Test I posted, earlier in the Topic, that I understand fully how this works. You must understand you do not need to rotate the Button areas for the Vars.

I am wondering if you know how to inspect a Draft posted here.

Let me know if you are Intrested.

Oh okay I understand now what you’re saying.
So I can put those expressions in the opacity field for my buttons?

Though it does work in the rotation field LOL.

I’m on my desktop and I cannot examine the partial divers watch that you posted that has how you did your plus and minus variables. I don’t see the little examine rocket to hit and when I touch the watch like it’s a link nothing happens.

Yes I would be interested in seeing or inspecting the draft that you posted above.

EDIT: oh okay I just figured out how to get to the inspection mode by clicking on your name in your post with the watch Face

So all I need to do is just have a button for the variable without any instructions because the button is the instructions. So when I saw your reset button there were no Fields you filled out for directions because I would choose from the options in the Styles menu what variable I wanted to have reset and that became the button. Okay I got it.

So all the buttons that I have I can take out the instructions in the rotation field because it’s redundant or they’re not needed or as you say you’re giving instructions to and empty element.

I see I see thank you I really do appreciate this help.


Ha Yes and Yes . I in No way wanted to be critical The first thing we do when People Come on here is make sure they Know how to open an Post Inspectable Drafts . The biggest mistake any one ever makes is assumption . Bur It is easy to assume someone who makes such accomplished Faces knows nearly everything . So I am sorry about that .
Please Inspect the ANADIGI . There is a lot of levels of VAR in there . I think I used the LOT . I am sure you will find something of Interest there .