Rotating Dials in Sync with Minute Hand Movement

I’m trying to get dials to rotate in sync with a minute hand. I’ve set up the watch with the minute hand as the background and want the dials to rotate like this example:

Here is the watch face being worked on:


I have done something similar with my Lunar Orbit watch face

For example, the 12hr clock dial orbits the face once every 24hrs with the following formulae:

x pos = (160+79.7sin(rad(#DWFHS#+180)))
y pos = (160-79.7

In your case, in the above formulae:

  • replace the 24hr tag with the equivalent 1 min tag
  • replace the radius ( 79.7 in the example ) with the appropriate value for your dial(s)
  • replace the start rotation ( 180 deg in my case ) with the start rotation you want.

I hope that helps.

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Hey mikeoday

Thank you very much, that did help. I’ve been able to sync up the largest hour dial but I’m struggling with the smaller dials. Even with your instructions I can’t seem to figure out the positioning.

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Well I figured it out using this tutorial for the second and temp dials: [Tutorial] How To Create Circular Motion (Not Rotation)

Temp Dial:
x-axis = (((sin((-(#DWFMS#+48)/180)*pi))*100)+160)

y-axis = (((cos((-(#DWFMS#+48)/180)*pi))*100)+160)

Second Dial:
x-axis = (((sin((-(#DWFMS#+308)/180)*pi))*100)+160)

y-axis = (((cos((-(#DWFMS#+308)/180)*pi))*100)+160)

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Built another now that I understand how to do it. Thanks again for all the help!

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Well done, that is looking really good. I like the 1 sec hand.

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