Rotating hours linked to retrograde minute hand. How?

I am attempting to recreate one of my favourite Windows 7 widgets (Retrograde 3) as a watch face.

I have managed to get the minute hand to work but the hours either resets with the minute hand or rotates too fast or too slowly and the minute and hour hands go out of sync
Using ‘(-73 + (#DWFMS#/ 360 * 146))’ for the minute hand and hour hand
both hands are in sync but watch returns to this position an 08:00 (because of the “/ 360 * 146”?)

Using ‘(-73 + (#DWFMS#))’ for the hour hand, it moves a lot faster than the minute hand

Using ‘#DWFKS#’ for the hour hand, it moves a lot slower than the minute hand (as expected)

What should I be entering for the hour hand and keep the numbers in sync throughout the hour but without the hour hand resetting with the minute hand?

You probably need to add both in the hour hand.
Is it possible to share the link to the watch face with inspection turned on?

watch face

I’m not worried about the hour being correct because I have 12 images with the numbers in a different rotation so I can select the correct one once the rotations are synced

I’m not sure I understand the issue. Your “minute” hand also has the hour indicator, so the hour wheel should jump when the minute hand jumps back to 0, right?

When the minute hand returns to zero, the next hour should stay in place

The hour hand is numbered so that when the time goes from 7:59 (with the hour and minute hands at the top of the watch) to 8:00 (with the minute hand at the bottom of the watch and the 7 still at the top of the watch).

Ok, it makes sense now.
You have to keep the same expression in both, to keep them at the same speed, but in the hours you also add the numbers of hours that have passed times 150 (150 is the degrees between the 7 and the 8):
((-73 + (#DWFMS# / 360 * 146)) + (#DK# * 150))
There is a tiny “jump” when the hour changes because you travel 146 degrees for the minutes and the hours are 150 degrees apart. I would advise you to make the minutes travel 150 degrees as well.
These expressions would be completely in sync:
Minute hand: (-75 + (#DWFMS# / 360 * 150))
Hour hand: ((-75 + (#DWFMS# / 360 * 150)) + (#DK# * 150))
but you need to adjust the graphics a bit to match the larger arc.

@ThaMattie I had figured out the change to 150 and 75 but I would never have guessed the rest.

Many Thanks

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