Rotating item on x-axis

Hi all, I’m trying to have a picture rotate on it’s x-axis so that it stays in the same location (x and y) but rotates. I already have the formulas for how to rotate, but a mater of which is the correct category to put it in. when i tried “rotation” it has the whole picture move with the time which is what I don’t want to hap. Is it possible and I’m overlooking something simple, or is it not possible?

Thanks in advance!

How exactly do you want to rotate? Perhaps like this? Better if you show us some kind of sketch

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I figured it out! I had the object sized to size of the watch, vs being something to resize and move into the position I wanted. Once I had it as the second style, I was able to move into the position I wanted, and then set rotation to: (-(#DWFSS#))