Rotating object around like hands

Hello guys,

Can you tell me, how can i make an object float around a center axis like a watch hand?


The easiest way is to create an image that is 640px high with your object pasted into the top half of the image. Then create a “hand” layer ( hour, minute or second ) with this image instead of a hand image. The image will rotate about its centre and the object will rotate around the centre of watch at the rate determined by the expression in the rotation field for the layer.

I hope that helps.


It is the easiest way :slight_smile: Thank you for the info.

But i wanted to know is there a way in facer to do it?


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Ah, sorry, that is in Facer(?)

I don’t understand…

Yes is Facer, for example, create an object like sphere, set it to rotate like second hand around the center axis.


Option 1:

Using a graphics program, create an empty ( ie. transparent PNG format ) image 640px high by, say, 80 wide.

Draw a sphere ( or paste an image of a sphere ) say, 70 pixels wide at location X: 320, Y 150.

Add a Second Hand layer to your face with your new image as the “hand”

Option 2:

Use an existing image of a sphere.

Create an image layer using your sphere image.

Set the X and Y positions to:

Xpos: (160+90sin(rad(#DWFSS#)))
Ypos: (160+90

Adjust the radius ( the 90 value ) to whatever you want.

eg. follow link below and click on “spaceship” icon to enter inspection mode

I hope that helps.


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