Rotating rotating the Carrousel

Hi everybody.
As always, any comment is welcome. I assume the colour may be too much…


Looks neat to me. You could also do a colorful one. I tried something similar in blue, everything being transparent though, but somehow I did not find a nice design… so I ended up with a little less…:


It’s an interesting concept. If you want to improve it, my advice would be that you do not lose sight of the main function of the watch, which is to “tell the time”, with that in mind think that if you are in a hurry and need to know how much time you have available, you will surely take a look quickly to the clock and in those seconds you should be able to easily visualize the time. I think you should make the time stand out in some way (that is always your only condition), the rest of the elements are already each person’s own design.


Hi. I agree with your argument, but disagree with your statement, that this does not apply on this face. 2 reasons. First - and you won’t find that often - each hand is explained on this face by the text that rotates, and secondly, I always see on my watch the time - in a different way as demonstrated here - on the DAO side. Besides that, I see my watch also and perhaps more than others, as an opportunity to show creativity and beauty, which comes also - with me - at the first place.


It is feasible, I simply made a contribution from my experience as a partner… I assure you that a face like this on a 40 mm watch with someone who has to wear glasses leads to having to bring the watch very close to the face to read what it says the hands, however as an experiment of what can be achieved it is very interesting.


I know you are a partner and I appreciate your opinion as anyone else. But you should know I make them for my pleasure and use. I even make faces without time, horrifying perhaps. If someone else likes or dislikes it, well that is less important. And if can read the time - with my glasses - well, you know the rest.


Meu amigo Patrick meu conhecimento é muito pouco mas, sua modestia é impressionante…Parabéns ! ! !