Rotating while orbiting

so i want to have this bee orbit around the outer parts of the watch but also rotate to make it look like the bee is actually flying around the sunflower. i have the orbit equation figured but i cant make it rotate while orbiting can anyone help me out with this?
X Position
(160 + sin(-#DWFSS#/4)*100)
Y Position
(160 + cos(-#DWFSS#/4)*100)
I have tried inputting #DWFSS# in the rotation spot but it will not rotate.

I think you had it right. Try (#DWFSS#*20) in rotation and change the factor if it rotates too fast or too slow. Greetings!

Hi, I’m a novice but found your post interesting.

I’m a novice but I have an idea with a similar problem. Do you have a sample up somewhere? My problem would be (using your example) would be like having multiple bees flying around the outside edge at the same time. Each could appear at different times, have different look. Another example, if a moon face was orbiting around the outer edge, but it changed from full to half to quarter to black over time, is this possible? Plus if there were other elements on that same orbital plane that also changed over time, disappear and re-appear, how difficult is this?
And if they orbited at different speed either 12 vs 24 hour clock. Ultimately these elements that orbit the plane could be user definable or at least selected from a fixed set of visible items.

Thanks in advance.

Hi !

There are great tutorials that you can take a look at examples code here:


Snow and how to animate from collecting to the snow flakes:

Animation in the expression Playground, covers how fade In & Fade out, orbit, looping and Pendulum Motion:

One Stop shopping for ‘How to:’

These should get you started and will show you the capabilities of some of the things you are trying to achieve.

Happy creating and Welcome!

this is what i have so far i want the bee to rotate at the same pace as it is orbiting the face so it appears as if the bee is actually flying around the face. Either that or having it Zig Zag aound like a buzzing bee.

Ohhhhh, I got it now. The easy way to do that is make a png file where the bee is facing right at up the image. Then you add that png to the watch and use smoth secon rotation tag. The bee will move like a second hand orbiting and always facing in direction to the movement…

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no it only rotates in place it doesn’t orbit and rotate

Try this formula for your bee:

(((#DWFSS# / 4) * 60)+150)

The value 150 is the angle of the bee itself. the other values produce the rotation similar to your orbit.

You can remove the spaces in the formula…



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The png has be transparent and the bee on far north extreme, facing right. If the bee is centered in the png, it will be rotate in place. You have to hsve your anchor point in the center of the png and the bee up in the border of the png…