Rotation at different speeds

how would i have things rotate at different speeds instead of at the same time as hours mins and seconds?

EDIT: NVM i figured it out lol

Edit2: but … when i sync it to my watch its not rotating at the same speed as it shows on the creator… hmmmm any ideas?

Could you tell us what expression you’re using for rotation?

i am using ((#DWFSS#*0.5)*60)
but im trying to get them to rotate while on dim mode… and it seems to not want to
only in active mode

Second hands won’t rotate on dim as far as I’m aware. I’m not sure what would happen if you tried alternating a minute or hour hand speed though. As for the speed at which they move in the creator depends on the device you are using the creator on. Things tend to run slower on the creator due to the browser in my experience. My phone runs very slow depending on how much is going on in the face but still runs. I often have to sync to my watch often to see how it really looks when creating animations on my phone. My pc runs much faster/smoother and has a more accurate depiction of what it will look like on the watch.

so if i switch the #DWFSS# for a minute hand or hour hand would it work?

I believe that in dim mode, faces only update once every minute, meaning animation is basically impossible. I could be wrong, but I think that’s the case.

I believe poopalah is correct on this one.