Rotation effect after wake up with within a range (no whole circle)

Hey guys. I have a problem that drives me crazy as follows:

I want an “Radar” hand to rotate after watch wake up.
I have tried it like this (functions so far)

Now I want to clamp this. Which does not work with rotation. Or I haven’t found the formula yet. I have tried a lot, but it doesn’t work.
I want the “Radar” hand turn on the radar screen (which is not a whole circle) start at 105° and stop at 307° or become invisible.

I tried it with the transparency field. But DWE is changing (is this possible, can someone confirm this)? So Transparency zero is not everytime at the same time.

So I hope someone can help me with this.

If you are able to give me a working formula I may ask for a next or another step.
This would be a loop of the “Radar” hand. Musn’t start with wake up.
I had a formula based on Seconds
But this is too slow.

This is the watch:

For clarification:
Clamp works with rotation.
Indeed #DWE# is a variable tag, is the time past from wake.
Let me see if theres a formula that helps you, but in the meantime, a workaround could be masking the sector you don’t wanna show the rotation with a portion of background over the rotating layer…

Hey. Thank you for your answer. I couldn’t manage the clamp with the InterpAccel. With #DseT# it works.
I thougt about using the background image as cover. But I wanted to manage it with an expression. Maybe you have a solution. For the time I will the test the cover.

I now did the cover solution with Radar operating (0+(#DWFSS*2)).
But I want the Radar turn a little bit faster. The accerleration with InterpAccel is fine and looks more authentic.
Maybe you’ll find a good solution.

Greets :slight_smile:

I’d mask it like carlos says…

The formula I use is this:
(90+(interpAccel(#DWE#,0,3,0.05) * (2880+((wakeRand(0,80)) * 4.5))))
(-90+(interpAccel(#DWE#,0,3,0.05) * (2880+((wakeRand(0,80)) * 4.5))))

Not sure if it helps, but posting just in case.

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Hey @cth4242,
I have tried this formula in the rotation field:

(90+(interpAccel(#DWE#,0,3,0.05) * (2880+((wakeRand(0,80)) * 4.5))))

But after a time elapsed the Radar hand comes to a stop. I should change the topic headline :flushed:
The stop is not everytime the same due to wake up time elapsed I guess.
So it not comes to a stop under the cover and rotates further.
Initially I asked for a stop. But that seems not to work.
So it’s better I think to move further in a circular rotation.