Rotational TAG for phone battery integer #PBN#

Help please I’m trying to make a dial for Phone Battery level that starts at 12 o’clock and finishes at 6 o’clock (0 to 180 degree, travel direction clockwise) I’ve managed to get this one for Watch Battery (this ones180 degree rotation 12 to 6 position anti clockwise rotation: (((#BLN#/100)*180)+180)

think i’ve solved it noticed that 12am is not 100% full for phone that’s what was throwing me:

battery both for phone and watch give back the same type of data (same range), but in the creator, preview phone’s one is moved a little bit (and speed up if I recall).

That is correct. The Phone battery starts around 30% or so, drains down and then recharges to 100%. I think they did this to differentiate the levels so you don’t mistakenly swap the tags.

Yeah I think the 100% - 0% hop is right around 8:00am


Thanks for all the replies, don’t think phone battery TAG works with Samsung S3 Frontier, just sits at 82% for percentage and integer

If it is stuck on a particular number, double check that all the parenthesis are in the expression. Sometimes leaving one out will create a simple calculation with a fixed number. They putting the draft watch in inspection mode for one of us to look at. Post the link if you want someone to take a look.

Have the same issue aith S3. Here the link: anj‍ - Black-Gold Theme - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
It works on eebsite but not on phone … thanks a lot for looking

Can someone please tell me how to make an analog battery dial work (starting in the downward position) that turns 360 degrees?

PBN values run from 0 to 100. So to cover the 360-degree circle just multiply by 3.6. (#PBN# * 3.6). If you want it to start at 6:00 instead of 12:00 just change it by 180-degrees. Since 180 is exactly half the circle then it doesn’t matter if you add the 180 or subtract the 180. Same result: ((#PBN# * 3.6)+180)

But the next question is which way your want the dial to drain? The formula above will drain counter clockwise… If you want the dial to drain clockwise in the direction of time then you need to reverse the math by subtracting the whole thing from from the overall max (360).

So: counterclockwise: ((#PBN#*3.6)-180)
clockwise: (360-((#PBN#*3.6)-180))

both formulas are in my sandbox. the red pointer is CCW and the blue pointer is CW. Inspection mode is on.


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Wow, John, Wow!

So, if I want the watch’s battery dial, I need to change the code to #BLN# - correct?

And, if I want to start it from the top, it would be?:

(360-((#PBN#*3.6)-0)) or #BLN#

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uhhhhhhhh… In theory YES but there is one problem - which is not a big one.

BLN has the same 0-100 range so scale up to 360 and so on blah blah blah. BUT… the zero value for BLN is actually 2 dashes (–). So BLN values range from – to 100 and that’s a problem. dash-dash (–) is text not numerical so not matter what formula is in the rotation field, when BLN hits zero, the pointer will always be pointing at 12:00 instead of your 6:00 mark.

Now some peeps (like me) might say no one will ever see a zero value on your watch because… the watch is dead so who cares LOL. Most watches will even shut down before a dead zero battery like around 3% or so.

Still, if you really want to formula-down to zero for BLN you can use a condition that says if the battery is greater than zero use the formula, otherwise just set the degrees to 180 (your zero mark).

Counter clockwise drain: $#BLN#>0?((#BLN# * 3.6)-180):180$
clockwise drain: $#BLN#>0?(360-((#BLN#*3.6)-180)):180$

However, if you’re like me and don’t care about the BLN zero value, then yes just substitute PBN with BLN in your formulas.

I added the zero-condition CW and CCW BLN hands to my sandbox as well



Exactly. I hate that double dash line at 0%. I don’t think #PBN# does that. Can’t really test since it jumps from 4% to 100% in the timeline.

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@Dankees I totally missed the “start it at the top” piece LOL. That’s really easy…
a. just a negative sign changes direction
b. solves the goofy dash-dash value at zero.

Clockwise from the top: -(#BLN# * 3.6)
Counter Clockwise from the top: (#BLN# * 3.6)
only the leading negative sign is the difference.

Changed my sandbox watch again.


true that @eradicator09 and weirdly starts at 8:04am for full charge I think.

So, what part of this can I alter to make the dial start facing south?

I don’t know if the 360 gets changed and/or one or both of the 180s…?

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I would suggest skipping zero altogether: (A full battery must not be confused with an empty one.)

clockwise, starting at 12 (up):


clockwise, starting at 6 (down):


counter-clockwise, starting at 12 (up):


counter-clockwise, starting at 6 (down):


Note: -180 is the exactly the same as +180


Modified to slightly different numbers …

Left: (counter-clockwise)


Right: (clockwise)


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Wow, this is incredible!!!

Is there a place we can save this or make these all new TAGS?

Is there a place I can test these out?

Hey @Dankees,
Just create a new face (dont ever publish it) and call it dial library or something. Make four hands and add these formulas to each hand. Or create a word doc and just save all these formulas you keep coming across.


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Smart idea!