Royal I... a new face

Just finished this face, to keep it clean I opted to use flahing icons; battery icon will show up and flash at 25%, steps icon at 10k+ and heart rate at 140+

let me know your opinions…



A nice simple face with good background texture and pleasing colours - I’m not so sure about the flashing information but that is just me :slight_smile:

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Thank you @mikeoday for the feedback

The flashing data is a kind of warning (info in case of steps) once the critria/target is reached

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Oh ok, I did not pick that up :slight_smile:

Just updated the design and added a silver model…


Very nice - I particularly like the numbers reflected in the outer ring!

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Thank you @mikeoday :pray:t4:

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Wow! A beautiful design my friend! Congrats!

I would say the same thing as @mikeoday … Because your design is a realistic watch, the animation makes your watch face remind me that I have a smartwatch with a display that doesn’t have a real watch face. In my opinion, people that like watch faces like this one, they’re looking for realism and, the animation would not be a real thing on a real watch face that looks like this one. A suggestion could be to make a small digital display to look like the watch can display a digital heart warning or something similar. Or… make a design of a mechanical display like the one for the date on your watch face. That display looks mechanical as it should be on this type of watch if is real. These are just my personal suggestions my friend but, you did a good job on this one. Keep it coming!

Look at these examples of digital display on a mechanical watch face:

Thank you @randallkhs for your notes and suggestions

The idea behind the design - as you said - to make it look as realistic as possible, the face does have the basic information; battery will show up once at 20% as a warning, heart rate if over 150 and steps once the target reached (10k)


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This watch is beautiful! :clap::clap::clap:

Just published… :blush:


Very nice and elegant! Excellent work @ozarour ! :+1::grinning:

Thank you @randallkhs

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