Ruby'n Gold for him, her and both!

My latest design, for him, her and both!


Very nice!

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@mikeoday Thank you!

Are you working for Facer, or are you a Facer designer who can sell his faces?
I would like to sell mine, but i read it’s quite hard to accomplish…
Can you help me accomplish this faster?

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Hi @info.equibo

No I don’t work for Facer - I am what Facer calls a Creative Partner.

You will find details about it here:

I can’t help really help you to achieve it other to give general advice - just my own opinions of course:

  • Concentrate on developing your own style with high quality faces that stand out from the crowd

  • Don’t re-create clones, copies or close derivations of other peoples designs ( physical watches or digital faces ). General inspiration is ok but take that inspiration and create your own designs. And of course don’t use anybodies trademarks. From what I have seen, they seem to be looking for people with unique vision and not people who can only copy designs from others - and of course, getting a take-down notice from the owner of a design / trademark will put a black mark against your name that would no doubt take a long time and many non-infringing designs to remove, if at all.

  • Share your skills and knowledge with others on the forums - helping others on the forums is a big part of building the community and it is highly regarded. Of course it goes without saying that you should always try to be constructive, positive and polite on the forums. All the Creative Partners I know are the politest, nicest people you could hope to communicate with and so I would say that is a good practice to adopt.

  • And of course, ultimately, your designs need to be reasonably popular. The minimum number of syncs required before someone is invited has gone up and up as the the site has grown in popularity. I imagine there may be exceptions for certain people whose designs really stand out as exceptional but, generally, I would assume that the 5,000 per month is a minimum. I was a standard Facer user for around 8 months before I was invited and I had way more than 5,000 syncs/month for quite a few months prior to being invited.

I hope that helps.


@mikeoday Thank you for you extensive reply. I really appreciate it.

It is good to know how long it took for you. that way i have something to look out for.
If i may ask, how many designs did you make in those 8 months?

You are welcome. I can not really remember how many designs, maybe 80 to 100. But I would not necessarily use me as an example - I don’t think it is really about quantity or time; I imagine some have been invited sooner others maybe later. Most importantly, I think, your designs need to excite interest that will manifest itself in the number of syncs they achieve.


Nothing but very nice all three .

@mikeoday Very well said. Thank you.

Wow, these are really nice

Thank you for sharing