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Run animation only during day time

I have an animation that I only want to run during the daytime hours. I can change the opacity but that doesn’t stop the movement. Any help please?

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You will probably have to use two layers. One with the animation and another one without it set to the correct times.

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Ok thanks. I’ll have to look that up.

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I guess you are talking about .gif animation.

Move it out of range by X or Y coordinate.

X position:

During the daytime the X coordinate will be 160 (or whatever you want), after the sunset X coordinate will be 2000 (out of screen and not visible).

If you want to show animation at night use the opposite:

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@mmoore410 . I will be interested to see how you have got a Tag to work in the opacity Box of a Sequence if that is what you have done . If a Sequence is running on a loop from Sync or Wake trigger it will run forever . Other wise it will run only once . Things are changing on Facer as we speak but I tested that one Yesterday and it still will not accept any maths .
All you can do is show a single frame of you animation when you don’t want it running . By the Method @masterboyhr outlined .

But it does work when running, all frames.
Take a look at this one, three animations are changing depending on the heartrate (blue, green, red).

X position is with conditions, one of them:

Yes it works, I have a sailboat and an airplane pulling a banner going across the screen. They are only visible from 8 am to 5 pm

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