S.L.O.W Preview

Here is a preview of my upcoming release, aptly and fondly named “S.L.O.W” Yes, I left the period off the end of that because there is no period after the W in the title. S.L.O.W is an acronym for Synchromatic.Luminous.Oriented.Watchamacallit, if you must know. It is a dual watch. The primary mode is a 24 hour “slow” watch that has only a single hand to tell the hour and minutes. Tick marks indicate the quarter hour. Don’t let the sporty look fool you, as my second ticker takes two full minutes to sweep around the face. Yes, it is a bit slow. The subtle hint is to gear it down, be easy and enjoy life.

If you are the more rambunctious type and must know the exact time right this instant, then simply tap the center of the screen. Poof! Instant easter egg mode with a second face that sports more information on screen. Both modes have buttons for accessing your phone, the weather, settings and activity with a single tap. This baby is easy on the battery and looks great in the sun or indoors.

All of this in a single watch face, soon to be released only on Facer. Let me know what you all think.

PREVIEW REMOVED: I will be publishing this face within the next day or so. I made some small but important cosmetic changes that should make this really pop on your watch.


A very interesting and unique design - I like it a lot !

I also enjoyed your write-up :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, @mikeoday. This face has been tons of fun to bring to life.

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