S24 Ultra - first impressions

Last week I switched from S21 FE to S24 ultra.

Guys, what a phone!! Something completely different.

There is nothing new that I cannot live without but there are so much fun and useful things.

Photo editor is soooo good, crazy things can be done.
100x camera zoom is insane. I don’t know where I’ll use it but it’s great. I can see pigeons in the next town.

Different dancing emojis can be made (and they are so funny) for every contact, group or for all.

Lock screen option: when I’m wearing my watch and the phone is near me, lockscreen is off. When the connection between watch and phone is lost - the phone gets locked.
So, no need to unlock it every time. Fantastic.
Same for “trusted places” like home or car.

Routines are out of this world.
For example, when I enter the gym the phone changes the watchface to one with exercise shortcuts. When I leave the gym it changes the watchface back.

At home, when I receive a call, the phone mutes TV.

When my watch detects that I’m sleeping, like when I take an afternoon nap, the phone turns on “Do not disturb” mode. When I wake up it turns off “Do not disturbe”.
How cool is that???

That’s just 0.1% of severely mentally disordered things that can be done.
Insane phone!

best tips and tricks video (1.5 hours):

or shorter one with only some tricks:


So you like it then?


I dont like
because very heavy

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: A little…

Yes, it really is. I was surprised. Twice as heavy, compared to S21.