Samsung a52 watch 4 not syncing


I have Samsung galaxy a52 and Samsung galaxy watch 4 and none of the facer watches upload to the watch.

It just loops saying waiting to sync with companion app but t never does.


First question, have you installed the companion app into the Galaxy 4? Second question is your watch linked to the phone where you can look in the Wear phone app and see the watch’s battery level?

Download the free Galaxy Wearable App from the Store :grin:

Yes they are linked and I have all the latest installed both wearable and

I can get push notifications and texts from the watch and even send them when not near the watch.

The only thing which doesn’t work is pushing any watch faces from the app.

It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact them at: or email them at:

What’s bizarre is somehow today it’s worked but I think I did it differently where I launched the facer app as the watch face and then customised it to the purchased one and it appears to be working yay!


Ha ha ha, yes Chris, I think having the Facer App as your active Face on your Watch would definitely help :rofl:
At least this will serve as a good tip for anyone else who has the same problem :smiley:
Happy New Year guys :beers: