Samsung classic w 4 re update

Since the update off Samsung my classic watch 4, Facer app just is stuck what I mean whatever facer design it just hangs so if I change to facer face 5pm at 11pm it will 5pm I’ve rebooted fone and watch if this helps to no avail

Same on my watch 4… stuck after the update…

Hope it will be fixed soon.

Both of my GW 4 watches have now updated and AOD no longer updates when turned on. It doesn’t bother me since I never use AOD, but I hope they get it fixed quickly for all of you who depend on it. :crossed_fingers:

Can we have a standard previre of the face please? All tou beeed to ddo is oaste the base URL: Such as

Also GW4 is the first itteration of WaerOS 4, on any wartcgh do we need to see ecamples of the broken faces to know it it is the maths on the face that is wrong or if we need to report the bugs to Facer.
I added the above example for open inspection for various people to have a look and help as well.

Appearently the glows are still really twitchy in WearOS 3 but this is more about the numbers.