Samsung Galaxy Active - First Look

Here are a few of the recent articles on the new Samsung Galacy Active:

My first impression is that the case looks nice and sleek. The big issues are that the rotating bezel is gone, and the screen to body ratio is appalling. The specs state the case is 39.5 x 39.5mm and comes with a 28.1mm AMOLED (360x360). This equates to a 50% screen to body ratio (let me know if my math is wrong here). I’m having a hard time understanding why they can spend so much time on the new S10s and Folding phone with “infinity” display, yet still have such atrocious bezels on their new watches. Battery life may be a concern as well. Comparing the 472mAh of the Samsung Galaxy watch to the new 230mAh on the Galaxy Active seems like a huge hit as well.

Let me know what you think. For $199 will you be picking it up? Is this simply a new TicWatch C2 competitor (60% screen/body ratio)?

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