Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 - No Weather

Hello guys,

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Edition. I don’t get any weather updates on Facer watch faces. I tried enabling location permission with all other permissions, both on phone and watch. I disabled battery optimization, tried re-installing both apps but it is a dead-end. Temperature and wind data never updates. Is there any solution to this?

Weather only updates hourly if not less often. I’ve found that opening the Facer app on the phone will trigger the watch to update the weather for some reason. As long as you have location turned on in both the watch and the phone the weather should be working.


I have to try it. Didn’t think of that.

I think weather updates even less often, maybe every 3-4 hours.
That’s why - on the watchfaces I make for myself - I’m using Complications to show weather.

If you did all of that it should work, unfortunately I’ve got no other idea what you can try.


There have been several times where I would look at the temperature on my watch and it just be something stupid. Then I opened the Facer app to make sure I was still connected and when I look back at the watch, the temperature had changed to the correct reading. All within a minute or so. I would have thought it just being a fluke, but I’ve done it several times with the same results. Like they say, “it couldn’t hurt”. :rofl: