Samsung Galaxy watch stops keeping time

My Facer watch faces just stop keeping time for no reason at all. Second hand is frozen and nothing is working. I was told that this was a Tizen problem and that you guys were working on it and should have an update in a few days but I’ve not received any notification or anything. I can’t have a watch that can’t keep time LOL. Just using stock
Samsung watch faces. Please advise and thank you so much guys!

@Facer_Official posted in another thread that the problem developed after a recent update from Samsung and they are working on a fix.

Thank you very much. But I do understand that issue and I was just wondering if there was any estimated time on when it would be fixed. That’s all I need to know thank you ascending to American

Oops the TV dictated that last part of the sentence. Just looking for an ETA on when this will be fixed. Thanks guys