Samsung Galaxy watch - weather doesnt update

Hello guys,

firstly I have to say thank you for your job (web with faces for smartwatch). Now, back to reason why I am writing here…

I installed Facer app to the phone and Galaxy watch. I sent watch face “DesignNo5-DGR” to watch from phone app. Watch updated face without problems. But, after some time I noticed, that my watch shows still the same temperature (weather)… So, I started investigation where can be the problem. After 3 days I gave it up. I am desperate, and I would like to ask you for help.

Here is what I found out during the investigation… When I set some face, which was defaultly in watch, so weather (temperature) is displayed correctly and updated automatically. But when I switch to face (it doesnt matter which) from Facer website, so weather (temperature) can not be updated (watch face shows still the same temperature). I set update interval for wether on 60 minutes.

So, the conclusion is: weather (temperature) generaly works, but watch faces from Facer have problem with update and I can not find out why:( I have several times checked the settings for Facer in watch and phone. There is no problem… Facer app has access to my location and phone.

I also tried to reinstall Facer, restarted phone and watch, but without success. I already dont see the light at the end of tunnel:( Could you please provide at least direction how to fix this issue?

Thank you very much for your contribution in advance.

OS: Android 6.0
Phone: Huawei P8 Lite
Smartwatch: Samsung galaxy watch (Tizen)
Facer version: 4.6.4_98702

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Hi @xmulle14,

Thanks for the detailed report! Quick question: is location activated on your Galaxy Watch?

Yes, it is, but strange is… When I reboot Galaxy watch, so after boot appears this message:
location is required for wheather data” with options:
settings” or “dismissed”.
I always choose “settings” and check that location is ON with methods: GPS + wireless networks.

Firstly I thought, that there has to be problem with above settings, but how is possible, that default watchface is able to show the weather info?

Same here on on Galaxy S3 with “DT-05” Face.
Weather dont sync, but every Time when i start Facer-app on Phone it updates 100% one time.

Yes, exactly! …and one more thing. I tried to apply another watchfaces from Galaxy apps. The result is the same: weather doesnt sync.

Hi @xmulle14 - wait, so the weather functions don’t work on other non-Facer watch faces as well?

Unfortunately yes. I downloaded watchface from Galaxy apps, and it seems, that weather is not updated. I know, that now, you can suppose, that it is not Facer issue… But strange is, that default watchface (these, which were provided with watch) update weather correctly.

I am really confused…

Samsung has added a ‘lite mode’ wireless update, that send updates (weather, health, weekly summary), every so often to the watch.

I have two watches, and I get one (or more) alerts each morning, once I start moving with both the watch (I’m wearing) and phone on my person.

The point being … that this works without me enabling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (or doing anything). I always have Wi-Fi disabled, and only enable Bluetooth when I intend to sync or update the watch.

I have assumed the watch enables Bluetooth briefly, then disables it again.

However, only the inbuilt Samsung ‘weather’ applet gets the data from the alert (it is not visible to Facer).

This would be incredibly useful, if it could update Facer with today’s weather outlook, sunrise/sunset, and (for example) Steps target (eg. 6,500, 4,000, or 10,000), or (long term wishlist) GPS long./lat., city / locale name, etc. All this information is already on my smartphone, and this ‘lite’ update method has no apparent draw on the battery.

I also suspect that the method, and other recent / associated battery-saving apps suspension, etc. are a possible root cause for this (and similar issues).

Perhaps we can turn this into a win …

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I have same problem, but in my case, the non-Facer watch faces are updating weather data correctly. Just Facer watch faces does not do that.

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Hi, everyone!

I have exactly the same issue here, but only with Facer. Is there any solution around already?

Yes it is. Jusy uninstall the Facer and go to another third party provider.

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ciao for me the same, other non facer are updating. Facer not. is this due by chance to having an iphone as mobile?

I’ve also noticed this issue. I thought it was just my watch. It may update when it’s first turned on but the rest of the day it seems to stay on one temperature despite having Location on in Settings. And this only started within the last week or two.


Thanks for these reports, guys - We have this issue tracked and are working on it. We’ll update this thread with any news, and hope to have it resolved soon!

@Facer_Official hello is there already any update. Im also using galaxy watch and have same problems with the weather with facer. Galaxy faces works fine!

Also battery doesnt work.

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Hello guys,
I dont know what did you do with Facer app, but it started partly work. I can see the weather info on my Galaxy watch, but it is unfortunately static. It means, that weather info is not automatically updated (refreshed).

The only one possibility to refresh that is, open Facer app in mobile and look for favorite face and show it. Thats all - there is not necessary to upload it again to mobile. At this moment the weather info in mobile is updated.

I’m having the same issue with weather (temperature and humidity) the number is static until I open facer app on my phone then it refreshes on watch face and stays static until I open facer app again.

Also using Samsung Galaxy Watch

Hi. I have the same problem, no changes in weather symbols, no changes in temperature values. Everything is set according to the instructions, but only one reading after the startup, which remains indefinitely. The change in phone from C or F and back changes the symbol, but not the actual (true) value.
Well, it’s really nothing, as my Gear sometimes argue that I am under ground, and sometimes in the sky. Strange device :smile:

Oh, BTW, battery value seems to be working as expected…

I also have this problem where the weather isn’t updating and it’s not updating the phone battery status either… yet the non-Facer watch faces show everything correctly without problems.

I’m using an Iphone 6S with my Samsung gear S3 frontier and in case it could help this is the face watch I’m trying to use: KGB Apps - The Division Static - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Tried a few other but the results are same… tried restarting and reinstalling on both devices, swept through all the settings for connection and location to no avail of making facer 100% for me :frowning:

Yes that’s the problem, well, maybe one has to turn to WatchMaker instead :frowning: