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(samsung gear 3) problem with security certificate for this site

the facer app works but i keep getting this error how do i fix this


Does this show up randomly?

yes but pretty much all the time

And only when Facer is selected as your watch face?
If you could share the info you see when you click on the checkmark icon on the right, that’d be great too. We haven’t seen this yet on our side.

yes thats the only time when it happens

i showed a screenshot of my watch .when it shows up again i will get a screen shot of the bottem part


Face Staff…this is the error I reported awule back. Only difference is my heading was security warning instead of certificate info…mine hasn’t happened since then and I didn’t do anything to try to fix it

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Definitely let us know if you see it again!

Will do, thank you. …could I by chance get an answer on the other pending problem I have posted about a week ago…thanking you in advance

Can you share a link to it?

i have a few more screenshots of what happens but the page will not let me do more than one

I really hate to necro an almost 4 year old thread, but what was the resolution? I am having this issue on my galaxy watch active 2. Thanks.

Same. I’ve been getting the same certifucate error multiple rimes a day on my galaxy active 2. The error references facer’s certificate. Looks like facer needs to fix that on their end for anything to change.