Samsung Gear Glitches


I seem to be having an issue with the facer app on my Samsung Gear s3 frontier, which is only 3 days old bought brand new.
When I triple tap my watch face to change it, the screen comes up to allow me to select a new face but the current face I am using flashes on/off quickly… and I also noticed on my phone, samsung galaxy s7 edge, the brightness started to alter on its own, this was only slight.

Not sure if the app is causing this or there is an issue with the device itself but the device seems to be functioning correctly with all other apps etc.
Also the back button on the Geat s3 won’t allow me to go back to the watch face, I have to select the face itself to take me back “home”


@djholsta: The flickering display is not a fault with your watch it’s a software issue; can you look at this post and the thread in general:

You’ll see that following Samsung’s Tizen 3.0 update Facer became unstable. The Facer team and Samsung have had trouble identifying the problem but try the latest software revisions and let the community know if your problems are resolved.

@hayden this has stopped happening now thanks for the advice. Facer watch faces now seem to not want to display the watch battery level!

I will search the community to see if there’s a resolve for this.

Thanks again