Samsung gear s3 time update lagging on wake up


I just bought a Samsung gear s3 frontier and I tried facer watchfaces but I experienced some lagg issues on wake up procedure. The update period needs 1 or 2 seconds and it’s annoying. The hands jump to the correct time and it’s laggy. I have tried restart and applications turn off as well but I have the same problem. Is there any way to use these nice watchfaces?


The hand jump on wake-up is a known issue - I don’t know if they are working on it. 1 to 2 seconds sounds very long though. On my watch ( Samsung Galaxy Watch ) it is under a second.

Having said that, I don’t acutaly have this problem because I run my watch in Allways On Display ( AOD ) mode. I believe the S3 also cans support that.

In AOD mode the minute and hour hands are updated regularly ( once per minute I think ) so they do not jump when going from “AOD - Dim” to “normal bright”.

Having said that, the second hand moves to near 12 and then stays there in AOD mode; again I think this is because the hand positions are being updated every minute or so.

So, you could try putting your watch in AOD mode and downloading a bright AOD watchface and see if this works for you.

Ty for your help.

Yes it’s working in AOD mode but I think it’s should work in normal mode too. These watches has good cpus I don’t get the problem. If I use the beezel and go back from menu the problem appears again. The watch function should run in background or I completely misunderstand how these devices working. :blush: Or just an another operating system problem…

I tried other faces. They don’t work normally only in AOD mode. Users should be informed before purchase items because not everybody wants to use AOD. Battery battery baterry. :thinking::joy:

Official galaxy faces working great…

I suppose I am somewhat spoilt with my Galaxy watch as I get around 48hrs out of my battery with a dark themed AOD watchface.

But you are not alone, I had someone tell me that they liked one of my designs and was using it for a while until they got sick of the hands jumping all the time :frowning: ; they tell me they have stopped using Facer - which is a shame as there are so many wonderful designs here.

Sorry I can’t help more; I know the Facer staff are aware of the issue so hopefully they are working on it.

Ty anyway for your time!

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I just started using Facer and noticed the same thing. On wake up (turning the bizzle of my Frontier or touching the screen) it takes several seconds to “wake up”. This happens even in AOD mode when switching from dim to normal display. I’m using a face I designed but it’s supper simple and the only color is the second hand. If I want to get to notifications or other widgets, it seems to take longer than it should. Maybe I’m just used to the watch faces that came with the watch?