Samsung Smart Watch Re-sizing

Good Morning Facers! … Asking for advice regarding new Samsung 4 series watches and the fact that new categories for watch face makers have now been created. I have been creating watch faces for the old original black 42mm Samsung Classic.
Can someone confirm that these watch faces translate and are compatible with the new Samsung Classic series 46 mm or do I need to edit and update all my watch faces to Samsung 4 Classic 46mm? and, if this is the case, will my original followers of 42mm watches still be able to wear the updated 46mm sizing for their 42mm Samsung smart watches? … Regards


Welcome zemoguy, and as far as I’m aware, it doesn’t matter what size a Watch is, all the Faces should fit correctly and work just fine (I have the older Galaxy 46", still running old software).


As Gizmo says, it doesn’t matter which smart watch someone has (as long as it can run Facer) the watch face will always fill the maximum display area of each watch.

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