Samsung vs Apple watch sync

Hi all! I recently created a new watch face for my Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. I was hoping to share it with a group of friends, but recently found out a few have Apple Watches and they aren’t able to sync the watch face to their watch, anything i can do for them? They all loved the design and are totally bummed about not being able to set it to their watch. I’m a brand new creator and would like some helpful tips, thanks.

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Welcome @foxrebelcowgirl to the User Group. So Well done with your debut Face.
Apple Faces are a different story. It is a matter of making another one just for Apple. There are restrictions. Data update on them is almoust 15 Minutes. So putting an additional Digital on one is a bit of a No No.
But you will be able to put your nice Logo and The weather Etc in one of the Templates. I forget but the Last one on the Grid is Apple 7 only.
I presume you can see the Templates in Creator.