Samsung Watch 4 Classic installing issue

I have a Samsung Watch 4 Classic with Facer Premium.
I am unable to install any watch faces!!! I hit the blue “Download to the watch” icon and nothing happens, please help.

For help from @Facer_Official contact them at: or email them at:


Welcome to the Community John and I’m sorry you’re having that problem.
Have you downloaded the Galaxy Wearable App from the Store and paired your Watch with it on your Phone? All I can think of is that you need to have it all paired, sorry I can’t help anymore than that, but hopefully emailing Facer Officials at will help you. Good luck bud :crossed_fingers:


Thanks, I’ve clicked that link and contacted them.

Thanks, yes app installed and watch paired ok

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Did you install the Facer app itself from the Playstore?

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Hi, yes the Facer app was installed from Google Play

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Got sorted,
I still had the app pointing to my old original galaxy watch, changed to 4 classic and all good, thanks everyone.


Well done :clap: