Samsung Watch 4 WearOS 3.2 UI Version 4.0

I Need Help. I am using a Samsung Watch 4 Classic whis WearOS 3.2 UI Version 4.0 since last Update in February 22. All my Facer Watchfaces do not Run in AON Mode. After 2 Minutes the Time Freeze in.
Only a touch to the Buttons or Class Wake the Watch up again. So what Facer Watchfaces Still Run whis the Newest Update from Samsung 100%?

Greetings Peter

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That is a known issue that Samsung, Google and Facer are working on.
[KNOWN ISSUE] AOD freeze on Galaxy Watch 4 since February 9th 2022 firmware update

@abhisturkibng Just posted this on that thread that might be a workaround for your issue.

Hi, i have got the AoD to function as normal.
Just enable background activity option in apps of the smartwatch
Samsung wearble app>> All apps>> facers>> enable background activity
Done it starts working


Among nearly a dozen other people asking the same question without a simple search for ‘Samsung freezing’ :wink:

All we can do is point them in the right direction Rob :smiley:
Nice one @mrantisocialguy

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OK Y’all, I just verified with my GW4 Classic that @abhisturkibng has found the workaround solution for the AOD issue. It took me a couple minutes to find where he was making the changes. So for anyone interested here is the “simple” version.

Galaxy Wearable phone app > Watch Settings > Apps > Facer. Then you have to slide the switch on the Allow background activity setting.

Since it’s being done inside the phone app and not the watch it might work for both of my GW4 watches. I’ll find out tonight when I switch to my GW4 “Active” for my nightly SpO2 recording. :grin:


Maybe it was previously an ‘Always on’ Setting they made into an ‘Always off’ and toggled existing watches with the update. Maybe someone got gung ho and heaved a load of stuff from the exlusion list, who knows.
Nice bit of troubleshooting between you though.

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Will be interesting to see what happens when they claim to have fixed it and you go back to those settings.
You have given me another reason to prefer the Tc or Fossil over the Galaxy. I only have 2 phone apps and a watch to worry about but you have 3 phone apps now. Facer, Galaxy and WearOS. I am hoping the Galaxy one takes care of Wear OS but what about conflict?

The WearOS app will not function with the GW 4 watch. It only links to the Galaxy Wearable app. So for my Tizen and WearOS 3 GW watches I only have the two apps. If I link my Fossil to my phone, then I have to have the WearOS app to link to it.

Not too bad then.

Work-Around WORKS

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