Samsung Watch Face App Identification

Can anyone tell me the name of the app shown in this photo? I would like to organize my Saved Watch Faces in a similar fashion.

On my Galaxy S3 Frontier I can open the watch face selection, turn the wheel to go to the end of the list then keep turning it a little more and the list automatically switches to that view in the picture.

+1 :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer to my question! You are totally correct. The same thing occurs when I rotate the bezel beyond the last watch face. That is a feature I wasn’t aware of.

I found it by accident otherwise I would have never known about it either. :grin:

Does it enable non-facer premium users to see more than the last watchface?

No, it will only show the Facer logo_small in place of the last Facer face you were using.