Samsung Watch not smooth as the Huawei Watch 2... Something wrong?

Hi guys, I just got a Samsung Watch 46mm and I quickly noticed that all animations of any watch face play not smooth as my Huawei Watch 2.(Wear OS). I’m wondering if the problem is the watch itself or the Facer app that needs some updates and performance improvement for Tizen. I was in the impression that Samsung Watch will be more powerful, therefor having smoother animations and better handling capabilities.

Anyone with Samsung Watch experiences the same frequent lag and choppy animations?

Thank you very much in advance for your help! :handshake::handshake::handshake:

Hi @randallkhs

You are right, the GW lags when it comes to animations, even when using the original faces.

Even the a smooth seconds hand will lag every few seconds

That’s why I don’t install animated faces on it

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Thank you very much @ozarour for your respond! This was driving me crazy! I thought I got a bad watch or something and I exchanged it for an Active 2 but the laggy still on this one too. At least now I know that I will have more susses making watch faces with very minimum animation or none at all. Maybe Facer will update the Tizen Facer app in the future and will increase performance for Samsung watches… I hope so!

Hi randalkhs, You nailed it. I am experiencing exactly the same with my Samsung Gear S3: choppy lag and animations.
This seems to happen only with watch faces with Facer / Tizen.
Any one else?

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I guess Facer eventually will update the app for Samsung performance. Samsung is the biggest watch market after Apple Watch so, it will great if they improve the app for Tizen OS…

@randallkhs That is why when I make an analog watch face I always choose to use #DWFS# instead of #DWFSS# for the rotation. It makes the seconds hand stop for a moment before advancing. If there would be a lag you would never notice it unless it spanned more than one second. I also use the code (round(#DWFSS#)) in rotation which makes the second hand jump 6 spaces between seconds. Again a ‘jerky’ movement to hide any lag, plus it looks more real anyway.

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That’s a great idea @mrantisocialguy … I will do the same from now on for all my analog watch faces designs… Thank you very much @mrantisocialguy ! :handshake::handshake::handshake::+1::grinning:

I know this is a couple of months old, but there are quite a few conventional watches that use a smooth second sweep. They aren’t typically your low end under $100 watches, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on one either.

As for using the #DWFSS# vs #DWFS#, the former works quite well on my Samsung S3. Only a few faces I have downloaded have given me any performance issues, and those usually have a crap ton of animations and heavy graphics.

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