Samsung's next Galaxy Watch may bring back a beloved feature

I’m not going to hold my breath on this rumor. I’m going to keep my GW5 Pro.
The rotating bezel could make a comeback with the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

New updated information from AndroidCentral
Samsung isn’t repeating the same mistakes with the Galaxy Watch 6


I will be hopeful. Thanks for the little news there. I happen to have a Samsung watch with rotating bezel and simply one of my favs that i keep put up most of the time and keep in mint condition only wearing it out on special occasions. I would love to options in future to buy more hint hint world haha… Again thanks for ur new and updates always so helpful…


My Galaxy watch is the 46 mm with rotating bezel. I won’t buy a watch that does not have this feature. IMHO Samsung shot themselves in the leg when they decided to delete this feature.


Maybe it was true @mrantisocialguy . I have to say that I miss the rotating bezel in the 5 Pro for 2 reasons.

  1. The digital one is really too fast
  2. I hate the screen full of fingerprints and without the physical bezel the screen gets dirty much more easily.
    Among other things, the oleophobic treatment of the 5Pro doesn’t seem the best.
    In the article that you kindly pointed out to us, I saw another piece of news which, if true, would mark a generational leap.
    I’m talking about the alleged best performing battery!! Maybe it was true. :blush: :clap:
    As I wrote with the 5Pro I arrive at 4 days with two workouts
    5 days with 1 workout.
    How far could it go? :thinking:

I still have my Galaxy Watch 1st gen, but I very rarely wear it now.

I totally agree. It’s much better than the Active 2 was though, it was extremely fast, and you kept sliding away from where it worked on the face. With the Pro you have the bezel to guide your finger and if you remember to move your finger slow it works almost as well as a physical ring.

Uh, I think rotating bezel was superior solution. I really miss it.

I’m not sorry for switching to watch 5 (mostly because of better battery) but if watch 6 will have rotating bezel I’ll upgrade to it for sure.

Than again, I think watch 5 looks better, more modern.

Just found this on AndroidCentral
Samsung isn’t repeating the same mistakes with the Galaxy Watch 6