Save a copy of published faces

Question about saving a copy of your faces when you publish them

do you save a copy in your creator or do you publish them and call it good

I’ve been considering saving a copy of each face I do but that would be a lot of copies in my creator
also in the app under my designs

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Why would you copy each one and before publishing? You can copy them any time you need.

If the published face gets deleted because of the copyright bot, it’s lost.
I don’t make copies myself, but maybe I should lol, I’ve seen posts of that bot removing faces that had nothing to do with any existing watch out there.

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Duplication before Publication.

As @petruuccios has said if it gets taken down or you want to do more work on it you are a bit stuck.
If you rework a publication and revise the Title of the watch it will not be updated in the Apps and Watch Box so I can become confusing .
We are waiting for Facer to give us Sub folders so we can park the Tests and Trash in there.

Always, always, always make a duplicate before publishing. As Mattie said, if the copyright detects an infraction, even if it’s a false positive, the watch is deleted forever. If you make a copy first, you can simply delete the infringing word from the description or title and publish again. To prevent clutter under My Designs, whenever I make something new I open one of the duplicates from an earlier watch that survived publication, delete all the layers and get busy. I haven’t clicked “New Design” in ages.