Save Watch faces to Disk on my own Computer

How can I save my Watch Faces to Disk on my own Computer?

if you install the windows facer creator app you can edit and create watchfaces - i think from memory it saves locally

Thanks for the fast answer! :slight_smile:
Yes - I can edit and create - but I cannot find a way to save them to Disk (and bring them out there again) like photos, videos, music oder any other kind of files. I’m missing a normal menu like any other apps are having it, what asks me, where I want to save my watchface on my PC.

It might only save to the cloud instead of creating local files?

Seems to be exactly like that.

there’s probably copyright issues that Facer are keen to avoid given the huge legal liabilities that they could face if people could for instance rip off a Tag or rolex watch face…so this makes a lot of sense

I guess, your’re right.
But to me it doesn’t make Sense.
Any other Programs or Services of different kind don’t have such problems.