Saving design steps

I’m working on a design and it has split into various designs but I want to save one… and move in a creative direction with a different saved face to recall. I’m not seeing how to do this. If I change the name I don’t get a new saved face but just change the name of the one I would like to keep, while I’d like to explore the creative process with a different saved face. Can I avoid having to create the same face again?

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You can make a duplicate of any of your faces, finished or not, whenever you like to make another variant of them.




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As @icrltd4 and all my other colleagues in this group said … This is a group where you can meet designers, programmers, and many good people, who can help you with your questions and ideas that you need …

Here I show you other interesting information where you can see what types of commands that has, to program …
(I don’t know if you saw it or not, but just in case I’ll give it to you so you can see it)
These commands can be used … having, or not having Facer PRO
It is very interesting and fun !!!

Tutorials - Facer :point_left:

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