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Saving fonts in Creator

Why does Creator only save the custom fonts for the watchface you are working on???

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I was thinking that is inconvenient as you mentioned so I had to sort some fonts separately in reference folder as well. I agree and at least 3 to 4 fonts need to be saved in Facer Creator in something like library folder.

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Welcome @yaddle24 . Not exactly clear about your Question . A lot of the restrictions on Facer are due to how it works . As it is on the Cloud / Server there will always be a limit to how much extra stuff goes up to the server on each face . Each Face is only going to upload the Fonts you have used . I suppose you have discovered that you should have a separate folder where you keep your face Images for a specific Fonts folder . I cannot us Windows Fonts from their Folder but have copied a few that I like to my own folder with my other Face Stuff. This Folder also holds ones I have downloaded and gifts from the Community.