Schizophrenic App

Even though I have a fully paid premium subscription under La Marea Roja 4033 which expires in February 2022!
I still have to pay for individual watch faces!! & when I click on the gold premium button to pay for it a 2nd time it says Error 5 I already own it!! I’ve been plagued by this problem ever since September 30th when I brought a Samsung Galaxy A72 smartphone running Android 11 while transferring all my apps from an older Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 cell phone running Android 9. I even changed my password to no avail!! I’m to the point of going back to my old Casio watch which is dying!! which is why I got this Fossil watch to begin with I appreciate any kind of help from your brain trust before I’m forced to authentically repudiate the smartwatch all together because my fingers don’t have the dexterity needed to properly run of these devices!

If you have premium but able to only access free faces contact Facer at: