Screen Burn-In AOD

So if someone has AOD on, does the screen automatically shift on EVERY watch-face in order to prevent burn in when using the facer app?

As far as I know, and happy to be corrected by someone who knows better, AOD mode is a watch function that is entirely separate from Facer. What the watch does with the screen is up to the watch maker and if they choose to shift the faces around then they do. I don’t think Facer does anything special to shift the faces.


Burn in is a feature of STN (super-twisted nematic display) monochrome-LCD, CRT (cathode ray-tube) older TVs, and some other exotic early large screen TVs.

Most smartwatches are OLED or (non-STN) LCD.

On my LG Urbane I find that the answer is yes. I sometimes notice the actual watch face sort of cut off on the ends when AOD is active for more than 10 minutes or so.